Central Dispatch: 905-578-4242 or 1-800-263-4843

Truck Load Dispatch

Chantel Todd
Truckload Dispatcher
ext. 233

Debbie Parsons
Truckload Dispatcher
ext. 232

Dawn Lake
Dispatch Administration
ext. 245

Todd Butler
Night Dispatcher
ext. 246

Bernie Hack
Weekend Dispatcher
ext. 242

Alana Ravelle
Customer Service
ext. 235

LTL & Long Haul Dispatch

Matthew Stairs
Long Haul Dispatcher
ext. 247

Mary Cone
LTL Dispatcher
ext. 249

Jim Mitrevolis
LTL Dispatcher
ext. 310

Due to spam, we do not post the direct e-mail address for our employees. Please use the general e-mail address flukeinfo@fluke.ca and place the person's name in the subject line.